What the kids think about the WV Treble Makers! 

See what the parents think!


Choir is just an epic-awesome-est-er place. I love everything about it—singing, making friends, and the one and only amazing Mrs. Ilse.
— Melody, 12
Choir is the highlight of my week!
— Gwyneth, 12
Making music with my friends is sing-tacular!
— Kira, 11
Our choir has amazing people. The director is full of life and so much fun. If you enjoy singing and meeting new friends, this is the choir for you!
— Jacqueline, 14
Choir is a place where you can express yourself without anyone caring. It’s a place to have fun and make friends.
— Caleb, 13
I love Mrs. Ilse! Choir is awesome!
— Jenna, 8
I love the friends you make!
— Hannah, 12
I love to sing and choir is a way to do what I love. And even if you don’t like singing, Mrs. Ilse will pull the love of singing out of you. God gave us all the gift of voice. Don’t take it for granted. Do something about it.
— Hannah, 12
The thing that I love about choir is our awesome director and also how people like to sing like me. Mrs. Ilse molds us into the perfect blend of sound!
— Maggie, 11
Mrs. Ilse is great, and I get to meet new people. It’s just plain amazing.
— Rebecca, 13
It’s fun to come and sing with your friends and make new friends!
— Lauren, 13
I like to sing with the choir because it sounds so beautiful when we all sing together!
— Alyssa, 12
I love Mrs. Ilse, going on trips, and fun stuff.
— Maddi, 13
I love that you meet new friends and sing. The best thing is Mrs. Ilse!
— Ella, 11
I love Mrs. Ilse!
— Hannah, 13
I love choir! Mrs. Ilse is very nice and fun. The songs we sing are really neat. I love “Sunshine in My Soul” because it’s split into parts and sounds really cool. I’m surprised we don’t have more people, because it’s so fun!
— Piper, 10
I love choir because of the people, the songs, and everything about it!
— Sophia, 10
I love choir a lot. My favorite part is when we get to sing in different parts and when we go to concerts. I also like singing with my friends.
— Amber, 13