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From Ilse Long, Artistic Director

As a music educator, I want nothing more than to teach music to children. My passion is using great and thrilling musical works to guide children through the learning process, teaching important musical concepts while allowing the children to experience the thrill of performing gorgeous music.

We will learn music together as a collaborative effort, individually mastering musical techniques by watching and learning from our peers and professional models, and by supporting each other through constructive feedback. While we strive for the highest standards of musical education, we also believe that music is about the experience, not just the notes on the page. We introduce our young musicians to a broad spectrum of repertoire that enables us to cultivate expression and musicianship while exploring the music of cultures around the world. We create an environment of continual learning, through both the repertoire itself and through supplemental instruction throughout the year.

The curriculum supports the standards for musical learning set forth by the West Virginia Department of Education.